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From Everything.Sucks is the leading BBW dating site with over 900000+ members.

According to SITE JABBER, BBWCupid has a consumer rating of 1.06 stars from 20 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. BBWCupid also ranks 319th among Dating sites.


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Patricia says

"This site is full of romance scammers, catfishers and married men looking for an online sexting fantasy. In two weeks I encountered 6 fake profiles!!! Waste of money!!!"

Cat says

"I came on the site hoping to connect with people who wanted to connect for a relationship but received so many emails just for hookups (even though I specifically said no hookups/fwb) and there was no way to filter them! I’m in Canada and getting messages from all over the world! How does that help me?? There’s no way to choose who can message me or prevent creeps from having access to me. This is a profoundly unsafe site. Even their reporting function is useless! I have to email them to report someone??? I told two guys I wasnt interested and they were rude and used foul language. Their response was to give me an incident report And to tell me to block them. Duh! I figured that out on my own. Women need more to be safe on an online dating site. This is clearly a male-centred, sex-centred and misogynistic site. Even more, it is such a user-unfriendly site. They’re getting a poor review from me everywhere I can make one. Update: I wrote them requesting a refund and they sent me an email saying they switched off my account. That’s all? Not even a reply? Don’t give them a cent. You won’t get it back if you’re not satisfied. This site is a scam. They have now confirmed they will not give me a refund even though I have not made any matches and am not using their site. Just opening an email is enough for them to refuse to refund you. SCAM!! Update: after threatening to report them to the authorities they gave me a full refund. It took 4 days of emails to get them to do this. It was a truly aggravating experience."

Denise says

"App is ok. Would be better if filters would stick and you could try full benefits for 3 days or so to see if you like it. I am not willing to buy because I bought Silver Singles Without trying it out and paid a lot for it and it sucks."

Lisa says

"Very good site Just wish there was a something to filter out international users on my account I have stated I don’t want international interest but it seems many don’t take notice then take offence if they are rejected Apart from that it’s a great site A response to Bbwcupid reply: I wasn’t referring to match settings, I was referring to my profile where I have clearly stated my preferences regarding no international interest. It’s clear that my profile is not taken seriously when read which is not something bbwcupid can control. Many of the International interest don’t like a polite no thanks so I often just ignore and don’t reply anymore. How about you have a separate bbwcupid UK Site , I’m sure many would have that preference."

Jennifer Dixon says

"The messaging is very confusing. And if you advertise a dating service as free then it better be free. You can’t see anyone’s message unless you pay for a subscription!!! That’s the same as click bait- it’s just wrong. It is nice to know there is guys out there who like BBW - but please actually make it free."